About Lace

Botanical Lace was born (2017) in the rustic Suffolk countryside.

A Florist consultant and Flower School

Conjured by me 'Becci Adams'

"Hello... I am 5 foot 6 inches, Australian and LOVE Avocados! Get excited by postal deliveries - even if I placed the order. Find early morning dew irresistible and am 'that' person who prefers cereal without milk!

This is me - the owner of Botanical Lace Flower Studio. A one woman band with an addiction to petals, leafy greens and anything botanical. My passion for pollination started when I left school (many moons ago) - training in London I worked my way up the grape vine. After over a decade in the biz, I branched out on my own adventure.

Working within my studio allows me to lose myself in the fleur!

I excel in bespoke weddings and teaching flourishing classes. The rush of being in such a captivating creative career drives me to power on and juggle motherhood duties, a budding business and life!

But it doesn't just stop here....

Exhibiting at Chelsea Flower Show 2019, Winning placements in Interflora events, Showcasing at Wedding Shows and Freelancing all over the country, Travelling the world and experiencing different dimensions of Floristry... ALL this has allowed me to thrive and blossom in my skill. Nothing is impossible! Dreams and desires can be formed or redesigned to create the perfect wedding day/ show opening/ lesson.

Let's get Botanical."