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The Botanical School

Want to unleash you inner fleur? Impress friends with your professional home floral displays? Learn something creative? Or want to start a new hobby? 

Join me in The Classroom!

My classes are perfect to inspire and enlighten you.

From large group workshops, to small intimate lessons (great idea for a hen do!). Enquire about one - to - one master classes.


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I cannot express how much my passion for flowers and botanical structure is such an enormous part of me! Yes you have to scrub the odd bucket, wake up before the sun, lose the manicure and survive on chocolate digestives.

BUT I wouldn't want to do anything else.

We florists do what we do because we want everyone to see natures beauty. To have that special day bloom with perfection and deliver a bouquet of happiness at every given opportunity. I would advise everyone to smell the roses and get involved.

You may surprise yourself.

Seasonal Blooms for ALL



Here you will learn how to choose the best flowers of the season, how to make them last, simple techniques to complement the decoration of your home. Use vases with different styles and shapes, how to take advantage of the colour and botanical beauty. Learn the correct structural placement of blooms and build your confidence towards flower arrangements.

These 'Blooms for All' classes are a brief introduction to the florist world and finish with the decoration for a table or a creative centrepiece, using the materials of the current season.

If you love flowers and want to take the next leap take a look at my Master Class, choose the most interesting themes for you!

You will take with you the arrangements you have done during the course!

Available dates:

A Spring in your Step - Workshop

29th March 2020

10:30 am

Learn in the Studio

Using Spring time blooms learn the skills for an all - round flower arrangement for vase with natural matter. The workshop will last 2-3 hours with light refreshment.


All the materials necessary for the learning and the flower works are included: flowers, equipments, accessories and vase.


Classes in the workshop are limited to 8 budding students. So make sure you don't miss out and book your place at the table.

Floral Masterclasses &

One - to - one Lessons


Take the next step and book a place at the table for a master class. These allow you to focus on a specific area of technique. Why not bring a budding friend with you or make a party of it.

Want more attention? Enquire today about my 'One-to-one' opportunities.

'Wire With It'

Here you will learn how to wire different types of flower buds, what gauge works best with which type of stem, and what a 'gage' actually means. Intricately bind together a buttonhole and corsage. Go one step further and book onto 'Crown It!'- flower power your day by creating a fashionable flower crown - A great idea for hen dos.

Classes normally last 2-3 hours long.


'Paper and Ties'

Experience a fulfilling class learning how to handtie a selection of flowers and structural matter. Following the season fold leaves, fluff petals and train your artist eye to form a flower display commonly used in retail floristry. Finish the class by learning how to present your creation and take it home to show off!

Classes normally last 2-3 hours long.


'Centre of Attention'

Get your oasis fix! Focussing on foam based arrangements, discover all the wonders this green 'stuff' can do. How florist use it, how to manipulate it and how to form your own displays.

 A full day class. Spend the morning on technique and traditional pedestals. After a light lunch (provided) finish the day creating a long and low table centre and tribute wreath.

Available dates:

Wire With It - Class                  

29th March 2020                     


Learn in the Studio                 




Crown It! - Class                

28th March 2020                    


Learn in the Studio                 



Paper and Ties - Class

28th March


Learn in the Studio                 



All the materials necessary for the learning and the flower works are included: flowers, equipments and accessories. Lights refreshments to keep you going.

Centre of Attention - Day Class

10th or 11th April

10:30am - 3:30pm